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Sentiero Del Viandante Trail 1st Stage: from Abbadia Lariana to Mandello del Lario 1st part

Part I

The Sentiero del Viandante Trail , once known as Via Ducale or Via Regia, is an ancient way of communication between the Po Valley and Valtellina; develops along the eastern shore of Lake Como Abbadia Lariana to Colico over a distance of about 35 km.

Thanks to frequent intersections between the path and to Lecco-Colico train line you can take one step at a time, returning by train to the point starting point. The path is within everyone’s reach, the differences in height are contained but it takes a bit of breath in the uphill sections.
It does not present any difficulty, it has numerous panoramic points for stops, there is water along the route and it is well signposted with an orange plate with the words “Sentiero del Viandante Trail”.

The Sentiero del Viandante Trail therefore begins on the territory of the municipality of 🏘 Abbadia Lariana at the church of S. Martino, which rises at the beginning of the inhabited area in a slightly raised position at the foot of Mount Borbino, from which you can admire the Mount towards Lecco S. Martino and on the other side of the lake, Monte Moregallo and the Corni di Canzo.

From the Abbadia Lariana railway station(210 m), you soon reach the lakeside provincial road and follow it to the left (towards Lecco) for about 650 meters; just before reaching the tunnels leading onto the state road, you will notice a recent concrete staircase on the left: here begins the Sentiero del Viandante Trail. This stretch of the provincial road is however very dangerous, therefore it is advisable to cut the road going up to Borbino up to the path, to go down at the beginning of the route and then retrace your steps, and continue with the itinerary.

We are therefore in the grassy area where the Martino church of San Martino stands (about 220 m). Building of ancient origins the church now in thirteenth-century forms is municipal and in the process of recovery.

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The Church of San Martino, Abbadia Lariana, where the Sentiero del Viandante Trail begins

After passing the railway line on a stretch of dirt road with a bridge, you will soon enter an asphalted stretch that leads to the houses in the hamlet of 🏘 Borbino , cross it and then go up a ladder to find yourself on another path that touches the eastern part of the town.

The best view of Borbino can be enjoyed shortly after the bottleneck, where the mule track resumes its regular course, flanked by low walls, which allow you to appreciate the sweet and humid prairie north of the country. Once you have crossed a dirt track, you quickly descend among trees to the valley of the Zerbo torrent.

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Borbino, a small village downstream of the Zerbo stream, Abbadia Lariana
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L’acciotolato del Sentiero del Viandante

After the stone bridge over the Zerbo, continue along a road between the houses of Molini, then again among the meadows while on the right you have a nice view of the Grignetta, until you come to an intersection with the chapel dedicated to the Madonna di Caravaggio: you go straight along a cobbled street and further ahead it flows onto a square in view of the imposing mass of the ⛪ church of S. Bartolomeo , ancient but in late seventeenth century forms.

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Chapel of the Madonna del Caravaggio, Abbadia Lariana
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Place of S. Bartolomeo, Abbadia Lariana

Further on you reach an asphalted road between the houses of Novegolo. Continue going down and passing the viaduct of the State Road. Turn right onto the grassy path which is held at an altitude of 230 m parallel to the lake. The track is quite wide and runs between gentle meadows scattered with fruit trees and sparse olive trees: the promontory on which Mandello stands begins to appear north.

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The ‘Grignetta’: the southern Grigna with its elegant Cresta Segantini
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The promontory of Mandello del Lario

A little further on you take a narrow cobbled street that climbs to the ancient and beautiful ⛪ church of San Giorgio (250 m) located on a rocky outcrop in a beautiful panoramic position.

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Panoramic view on the Church of S Giorgio, Abbadia Lariana
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 The Church of S. Giorgio, Abbadia Lariana

The stop in S. Giorgio offers the opportunity to get to know one of the most valuable buildings in the lake, its origin is very ancient but the structure is from the thirteenth century. The small external churchyard, enlivened by olive trees and cypresses, is placed to look out over the lake and Mandello which can be descended through a steep paved road that leads to the town and the railway station.

Alternatively, you can retrace the path up to Novegolo and descend back to Abbadia Lariana, through the asphalted road. The route up to here, of about 2,5 km, is completed in three quarters of an hour.


Sentiero del Viandante Trail map

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