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Abbadia Lariana and its beach

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Abbadia Lariana e la sua candida spiaggia

Abbadia Lariana, which owes its name to an ancient abbey that has by now been transformed, is located on a point jutting out over the lake, the first town to be found in the Lecco branch. This point of the lake is a bit wilder than the ‘noble’ branch of Como, but retains a harsh beauty given by the mountains that are lost and are reflected in the dark waters of the lake, beyond the clear ribbon of the coastal road. And so this tongue of the lake, almost resembles a beautiful local fjord that descends towards the plain.

The beach of Abbadia Lariana is a long and magnificent natural beach of white pebbles, equipped with equipped beach, green area, and gentle shore from which to access.

Abbadia Lariana e la sua spiaggia


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