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Hike: Anello di Tremezzo – S. Martino – Monte Nava

An excursion in the Tremezzo area that reserves us, in addition to the enchantment of its landscape in the center of Lake Como, the contrast with the vertiginous rocky walls of the surrounding mountains, and the incredible suggestion of the church of San Martino.

Our walk starts from the village of Rogaro, a tiny rural hamlet of Tremezzo, composed of a few farmhouses gathered around a small square and farmhouses, surrounded by pastures and woods.

Monti di Tremezzo

Rogaro can be reached on foot from Tremezzo, starting from the Teresio Olivelli park, or by car, which can then be parked near the Rusall Hotel, along Via San Martino di Rogaro.

Proceed along the Via San Martino and, past the first path on the left that indicates the town of Intignano, a few meters ahead we will find the path to the Cappelletta degli Alpini and the Monti di Nava right next to a parking lot and a small refreshment area with benches and tables.

Cavallo al pascolo nelle fattorie di Rogaro

You can choose to follow this route or decide to take a path suitable only for those traveling on foot that is a little further on.

Choosing the steepest path, the pedestrian one, you have to pay close attention because it is a steep path that passes just for those rocks that seen from afar almost intimidated. (ATTENTION: although it is a very well-marked path, the slope of the mountain in some places is really steep, therefore inadvisable for inexperienced hikers)

Along the way you quickly reach the junction with the path to the church of San Martino.
Following the latter that rises slightly on a mule track with a handrail that passes under the overhanging wall of the Sasso until reaching the splendid plateau where the church is located (457m).

A magical place, with an incredible panorama and ancient history, intertwined with a flourishing of fantastic legends.

Paesaggio da S. Martino

For those wishing to finish the excursion it is possible to descend again on the wide mule track flanked by the numerous chapels of the Via Crucis, which lead to the entrance of Griante and finally along Via San Martino.

After the visit we go back on our steps and go back along the military trail that gently leads us to the huts of Pilone.

The path continues to climb with numerous hairpin bends following the slopes of the mountain and some points with slight exposure, but with an enchanting view.

Sperone di roccia sulle pendici del Monte Nava

Before arriving at Bocchetta di Nava a short detour will take us to the top of the Dossone (840 m) for a 360 degree panoramic view: the two branches of the lake divided by the Bellagio peninsula, the majestic Grigne and more distant the round tops of the Horns of canzo …. Below us the exciting zig zag path, in front of a decidedly breathtaking landscape.

Panorama del Lago di Como dalla vetta del Monte Nava

Let’s go a little further on the path (now practically flat) to the Bocchetta di Nava and stop at the crossroads where there is a small chapel. Set on a lovely sunny basin, this pasture welcomes us in its pleasant, peaceful atmosphere: simple but not abandoned houses, and around wide lawns with grazing cows and orderly rows of trees.

Mucche al pascolo sulla vetta del Monte Nava

We are now on the Via dei Monti Lariani that we travel for a short distance going down to the left. At the last house of the Monti di Nava we find the sign indicating Griante. We leave the VML and go down the path with a concrete bottom that goes down to tight hairpin bends. The path becomes stony and passes by the Sassi di Nava. This stretch allows both to have a splendid view of the Balbianello and the village of Tremezzo and to experience a bit of healthy adrenaline in the descent.

Panorama dai Sassi di Nava

We turn right on a shortcut leading to the cappelletta degli Alpini, situated on a panoramic hill on the tremezzina. Let’s go back to the military road, keep right on an unmarked crossroads and after a few hairpin bends we reach the asphalt road in Rogaro.

LA Cappella degli alpini sovrasta la costa tremezzina
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