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Hike: Panoramic excursion to the Castle of Vezio

In this itinerary I present an excursion to Varenna, a town known above all for Villa Monastero and its romantic walk on the lake, seen from a different view, from the ancient Castello di Vezio; which dominates it from high.
Starting on foot from the station to the left you return with a stairway on the road, to descend into the village up to the bridge on the Esino torrent .

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La foce del torrente Esino

From the bridge, follow the provincial road (via Venini) for a short distance towards the town center; after about a hundred meters, take the mule track to the left that goes up to the castle.

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Via per Vezio a Varenna

The difference in height to be overcome is very little, just 160 meters, and the steepness of the trail is soon forgotten: in 20/30 minutes you arrive at the fraction of Vezio; and, following the signs, at the entrance to the Castle .

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Chiesa di S. Antonio Abate a Vezio

Once through the gate of the Castle, go up a gravel path in the beautiful olive garden, which already features the first attractions, that is the aviaries of some of the castle’s raptors and some wooden statues by a local artist, Luigino Gambato.

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Statua in legno all’ingresso del Castello di Vezio

Beyond the wooden statues you can find, throughout the castle, the ‘ghosts’, plaster sculptures made with the help of tourists who lend themselves for the realization of the work.

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Un “Fantasma” al Castello di Vezio

A little further on, you reach a terrace from which you can see a view of this panorama that can not but amaze you with its beauty and majesty: approaching the balustrade you realize that it is overhanging Varenna and in front of Lake Como in all of its splendor cut from the Bellagio peninsula into two branches: on the left the Lecco branch and on the right the Como branch.

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Terrazza sopra il lago al Castello di Vezio
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Veduta di Varenna dall’alto del Castello di Vezio

Beyond a staircase, a wing of the garden still hosts the birds of prey, which appear free: in some hours a falconer makes them fly staging a real falconry show!

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Tristan, il falco del Castello di Vezio

It is also possible to go back to the high tower, where there is also an exhibition on the fossil of Lariosauro, an autochthonous reptile species of the Triassic (about 240 million years ago).

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Cortile interno al Castello di Vezio

From the top of the tower, the view becomes unparalleled, further spreading even on the slopes of the Grigna that dominate Varenna.

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Veduta panoramica del Centro Lago dall’alta torre del Castello di Vezio
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La merlatura del Castello di Vezio sovrasta il lago

Return to the garden and after visiting the Castle, you can return to the village by the same way or in our case go back down from the opposite side of the fortress: take a sharp stretch to the right at the exit of the castle Sentiero del Viandante going down towards Villa Monastero. From the path opens another view of the same beauty with the village of Varenna on the right that looks at the point of Bellagio; that is in front of us.

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Panorama sul Centro Lago e Varenna dal sentiero per Vezio

Once you have finished the trail, go down Via Roma, near the Villa Monastero, a few meters beyond which we find Piazza San Giorgio with the homonymous church;.

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Chiesa di S. Giorgio a Varenna

Finally, he returns to the center of Varenna.

Below is the video from the official site

The official video from
Panorama dal Castello di Vezio

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